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About UK49s Lunchtime

UK 49s Lunchtime is a unique draw that allows players to bet on which numbers will be chosen in the draws that take place daily at 12:49 UK time. 49s differs from a regular lottery as you don’t have to select a whole line of six numbers and the booster ball—instead you can just select a range of one to five numbers and bet that they will appear, and get the relevant odds based on that. Find out more below.

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Monday 17 June 2024

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UK 49s Lunchtime Overview

There are two UK 49s draws per day—one at lunchtime and one at teatime, with details of the former available here. Here is an overview of the Lunchtime draw

  • Draws take place at 12:49 UK Time, with bets cutting off just before, so make sure you get them in early to avoid disappointment
  • Six balls and a Booster Ball are selected in each draw from a pool of 1 to 49
  • Players place bets on their choice of the balls selected, rather than usual lottery games of buying tickets and trying to match all the balls selected
  • Each draw has a variety of markets you can bet on, such as straight, combination, 1st number and the Booster Ball number
  • You can also choose to enter the six number draw, which the results don’t include the booster ball, or the seven number draw which uses all numbers drawn
  • It’s mainly played online, but you can also play at selected bookmakers

How to Play 49s Lunchtime

To play UK 49s Lunchtime, you bet on a minimum of one to a maximum of five numbers and also whether you want to include the Booster Ball in your wager. You win if all the numbers you select are drawn. There is no fixed stake, so the amount you win depends on how much you wager and how many numbers you bet on, with the odds of each bet type listed below.

You have to select a minimum of one number and a maximum of five numbers between 1 and 49. The different options are known as Pick 1, Pick 2, Pick 3, Pick 4 and Pick 5. You can either choose your own numbers or ask for a Lucky Dip to have them picked randomly for you. In UK 49s Lunchtime, you can enter either the '6 Number Draw' or the '7 Number Draw'. The difference is that the '7 Number Draw' includes the Booster Ball, giving you an extra chance to match one of your numbers. If you decide to play Pick 1, for example, and the number you select is drawn as the Booster Ball, you would win if you played the '7 Number Draw' but not if you played the '6 Number Draw'. Other betting markets are also available, such as:

  • Combination—select up to 14 numbers and enter all the different combinations of these numbers as a straight, into a draw
  • 1st Number—Bet on which number will be drawn first. This is the first number drawn, not the first one listed in results in ascending order
  • Booster Ball Number—bet on what the Booster Ball number will be
  • Odd/Even—bet on whether the ball will be odd or even for all of the six balls drawn
  • Hi Lo—bet on whether a ball selected will be higher or lower than a certain range for any of the six balls drawn
  • Total Value—bet on what the sum of all six balls drawn will be in specified ranges
  • Booster Ball color- each of the balls in the 49-ball pool has a set color, so here you are betting on the color of the Booster Ball

Mark the Lunchtime option on your betting slip, and select how many consecutive days you want to play. You can enter up to seven days in a row and there is no fixed stake, so you can decide how much you would like to wager. Bets can be placed right up until the game's official start time.

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Odds & Prizes

To win, you must match all the numbers you select. For example, there is no prize for picking four numbers and matching three of them. You must match all four. The odds of winning depend on whether you play the '6 Number Draw' or the '7 Number Draw', and also on how many numbers you choose to bet on.

If you win, you will be paid out in accordance with the individual bookmaker's prize rules, which will be based on the odds and the size of your stake. For example, if you wager £1 in the Pick 1 game in the '6 Number Draw', the odds are 6/1. If your number is drawn, you would win £6, and also receive your stake back for a total return of £7. The following table shows the odds of winning for each game.

49s Lunchtime Odds
Bet Type 6 Number Draw 7 Number Draw
Pick 1 6/1 5/1
Pick 2 60/1 40/1
Pick 3 650/1 400/1
Pick 4 10,000/1 5,000/1
Pick 5 150,000/1 50,000/1
Booster Ball Color - 11/2
Odd or Even 52/1 -
1st Number 44/1 44/1
Booster Ball Number - 44/1
Range from 7/1 to 81/1 -

The rules of UK 49s were put together in consultation with the betting industry, but rules can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. Each shop will have its own maximum bet and its own odds, and players should check the regulations outlined by their chosen operator before taking part.

UK49s Lunchtime Quick Stats

These are a quick set of hot and cold numbers for UK49s. We have a more extensive selection of stats and the best free predictions on their dedicated pages that can be accessed via the buttons below.

Hot Numbers

  • 47
  • 19
  • 17
  • 37
  • 39

Cold Numbers

  • 8
  • 24
  • 14
  • 41
  • 32

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