Powerball Results for 24 March 2017

THere you'll see the results for the Powerball and Powerball Plus draws held on24 March 2017. Below, we've displayed the five numbers and the Powerball that were selected at random. Further down, you'll find the prize breakdown for each winning tier, based on how many numbers each player matched, along with the total number of winners in those tiers. Do you have a ticket for the draw on24 March? If so, check it here by comparing your ticket's numbers with those listed below!

Winning Numbers

Prize Divisions

Prize Division Prize Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 5 plus Powerball R7,640,745.40 4 R30,562,981.60
Match 5 R53,151.90 16 R850,430.40
Match 4 plus Powerball R4,526.50 95 R430,017.50
Match 4 R503.90 1,620 R816,318.00
Match 3 plus Powerball R318.20 2,458 R782,135.60
Match 3 R15.00 44,168 R662,520.00
Match 2 plus Powerball R19.10 23,165 R442,451.50
Match 1 plus Powerball R15.00 101,130 R1,516,950.00
Match 0 plus Powerball R10.00 138,589 R1,385,890.00
Totals - - -

Powerball Plus Result

  • 17
  • 25
  • 29
  • 36
  • 41
  • 14

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Prize Division Prize Winners Prize Fund Amount
Match 5 plus Powerball R43,274,720.03 0 R0.00
Match 5 R132,527.30 3 R397,581.90
Match 4 plus Powerball R4,371.90 46 R201,107.40
Match 4 R523.00 730 R381,790.00
Match 3 plus Powerball R238.20 1,536 R365,875.20
Match 3 R11.00 28,157 R309,727.00
Match 2 plus Powerball R10.70 19,331 R206,841.70
Match 1 plus Powerball R7.50 87,534 R656,505.00
Match 0 plus Powerball R5.00 127,380 R636,900.00
Totals - - -

Facts about this draw

The jackpot for this Powerball draw was R30,562,981.60, which was a 18.4% increase in the jackpot amount over the previous draw on 21 March due to it rolling over. The previous jackpot was R25,807,389.08.

The jackpot for the next draw is estimated at R2.7 Million.