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About Daily Lotto

Daily Lotto is the only lottery of its kind in South Africa, with draws taking place every evening and also offering a jackpot that must be won in every draw. Find out more below about the newest lottery in ZA and how it’s taking regular lottery players by storm!

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20 July 2024

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Daily Lotto Overview

Daily Lotto has become extremely popular thanks to its draws every evening and a jackpot that must be won every day, making it very different to the conventional Powerball and Lotto draws. Here is a quick overview of the main aspects of Daily Lotto:

  • Draws take place every evening at 21:00
  • Players have to choose five numbers from a pool of 36
  • Draws are completely separate from normal Lotto draws and tickets must be purchased on their own
  • Jackpot must be won in every draw—if nobody matches all five numbers then the jackpot amount is added to the next prize group and shared among all those winners
  • Jackpots are not fixed amounts but are usually over R500,000
  • Numbers are selected by a random number generator, just like all other ZA lotteries
  • All prizes are a percentage of the prize fund, meaning they can rise or fall between draws, depending on the number of players who have bought tickets and those that have won

Daily Lotto & Lotto Comparison

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Daily Lotto

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Wednesday and Saturday

R3 Million

R110 Million



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Daily Lotto Prize Table

Players must pick 5 balls from a pool of 36 to enter Daily Lotto and there are four prize divisions for players to win in.

Daily Lotto Prizes and Odds
Prize Division % of Prize Fund Odds of Winning Winners in Last Draw Avg. Winners Per Draw
Match 5 35.60% 1 in 376,992 4 2
Match 4 8.20% 1 in 2,432 410 307.9
Match 3 16.40% 1 in 81 11,363 9,226.6
Match 2 39.80% 1 in 8.4 110,319 89,210.4
The overall Daily Lotto odds are approx. 1 in 7.6


The first Daily Lotto draw took place on Sunday 10 March 2019, after the South African National Lottery Ithuba decided to introduce a new game where the top prize had to be won in every draw. There were no Match 5 winners in the first draw, so the 57 players who matched four numbers won R2,006 each. Since then, there have been thousands of draws, each awarding different prizes at each level due to prizes being paid out of a fund with a certain percentage for each level.

Everyone will have to wait and see if any changes are made to Daily Lotto, such as adding a supplementary draw like Lotto and Powerball before it, or if updates are made to the prizes or ticket price to try and encourage more players to sign up.

Quick Stats

These are the hot and cold numbers from Daily Lotto, meaning those that have appeared a lot recently and those that haven’t. If you want to see more stats like these then use the button below and you’ll be taken to our stats page which has far more information!

Hot Numbers

  • 10
  • 6
  • 9
  • 25
  • 22

Cold Numbers

  • 17
  • 3
  • 26
  • 19
  • 7

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